Reviews of past productions

We've had some lovely feedback that we'd like to share.


Thanks to all of you for making this area a dramatically brighter place!    Neil McKeown


A Concerted Effort

Great evening - lots of fun!

Chuckling all the way through - very good.

This really was a 'proper' entertainment. No slack moments, some surprise twists, and an endless supply of genuine laughs arising naturally from the well-crafted script delivered by the village characters whom we all recognise. Go see.   Robert Pursall


Twelfth Night

Saw it on Saturday - was absolutely SUPERB. All very good but particularly loved Malvolio (perfect!), the jester/clown and Maria. but also Fabienne and .... and..... and Viola/Cesario was brilliant. Oh gosh, you were all so good I could watch it (and laugh my head off) again and again.   Helen Willows

Congratulations to you and all your cast and crew . A really enjoyable and fun show.   Helen Roberts


The Crucible

What a moving and wonderful performance of one of the best plays ever written! LADS raised the bar last night.    Sue Jones

Just home from seeing the Crucible. Such great performances that I had to restrain myself from getting up and shaking half the characters to get them to see sense. Wonderful.    Erika Jones

Wow, what a fab production of the "Crucible" last night! Riveted to my seat by the tense acting, which just blew me away. Well done to all the cast and crew for a fine performance.    Richard Dibble

Please pass on my congratulations for a fantastic production of The Crucible last night. Tremendous acting and such an imaginative production. John Proctor & his wife were amazing and all the young ladies were a credit to you. All the cast did a great job. Well done! Your hard work, commitment and dedication is much appreciated by those of us who are lucky enough to see your production.    Jane Moseley

Fantastic performance by everyone. We were totally engrossed . Well done, looking forward to the next one.


The Taming of the Shrew

"... I am not a great fan of Mr. Shakespeare but this production was brilliant - don`t miss it...... and think about joining this great local company."   Yoland Brown

Very well done for directing (and acting in at short notice) such a brilliant interpretation of ‘Taming of the Shrew’.  I couldn’t believe that these were the same players we had witnessed way back in early Feb. They were completely transformed with passion and confidence. I really felt they were so professional as they were ‘in’ the part rather than ‘playing’ the part.  And what very convincing, arrogant men they made... An amazing performance for an amateur group and thoughThe Open Stages Project has really worked wonders, you are obviously a very talented Director in your own right, and I’m sure Michael Corbidge will be very proud of you...So a big pat on the back to you and good luck for all future performances. Please pass on my appreciation to all your cast and crew. Congratulations.   Liz Johnson

Many congratulations to you and all your cast for a brilliant performance last night – we all really enjoyed it! So lovely not to be in rows of seats and the informal tables and chairs - you were brilliant.   Helen Gilbert